second pregnancy

I haven't been able to talk much about Baby Ace 2.0 because we've been so busy with moving and Liam's birthday preparations. Side note, I plan to share photos from Liam's birthday party SOON. It was so much fun.

But now that I have a minute I'd like to say OH MY GOSH, WE'RE HAVING ANOTHER BABY! I really can't believe it. Yes, it was a bit of a surprise, but we feel blessed (and a little scared at times!). I'm about nine weeks along now and it's funny how second pregnancies are different from first ones. For example, the new baby's ultrasound picture is stuffed in a drawer instead of displayed proudly on the fridge. It's not because we're not excited, it's just that I really haven't even had time to even really look at or think about it. I'm also a lot less worried this time around. I remember last time I was so worried the entire first trimester that Baby Ace wasn't developing, etc etc. This time around I know the baby is fine. I feel a lot more comfortable and confident. I've seen a couple different health care providers for consultation visits but have yet to do any blood work, etc. Part of the reason for that is because we are in limbo with our insurance and Alex's job situation (pray for that!). But either way I think I have found someone I am very comfortable with and hopefully we can figure out payment options soon. I can't wait to share about our plans for birthing Baby Ace 2.0.

Oh, and one more slight difference with this pregnancy, nasusea! I never experienced it with Liam, not even a little bit. This time around I'm not as sick as some of my other friends have been but I'm definitely feeling queasy on most days. I can't even ride in the car without feeling sick which means I have to drive every time we go anywhere. I even threw up once (bleh...TMI). SO I'm hoping it's a girl! :-) I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high though. It would be sweet for Liam to have a brother, but since I'm really not wanting to have any more kids after this I would really love a daughter. 

So that's the update on the new baby. Keep our little growing family in prayer, we could definitely use it.