A Year of Cloth Diapering (almost)

Technically we didn't start using cloth diapers until Liam was four weeks old, so it's not been quite a year, but for the sake of simplicity we'll just say a year. 

It's been really great using cloth diapers with Liam. I think what's made it so great is that I don't put too much pressure on myself about it. We use disposables when we feel like it...nighttime, when we're out, if I haven't washed his cloth diapers yet. But Liam spends most of his days with his tushy in a nice, soft, cloth diaper. It has saved us a ton of money on diapers and I think he looks adorable in all the cute colors. Washing them hasn't been a hassle at all and it's really not as gross as people imagine it to be. I'm not sure when we'll start potty training (a year and a half? two years?) but I'll be just a little sad to see those cute things go. At least we have a new baby on the way to hand the diapers down to. ;-)

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