Week 14 - Take 2

We're back!...with another belly series. Last time around we had quite an elaborate idea. If you're expecting something just as cool, well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I am wayyy too tired and busy to be running all over town taking crazy pictures. So I decided that with this pregnancy we would do a simple black and white portrait in a white t-shirt every week. I'll switch things up week to week with small details (depending on what's going on with the baby or what season/holiday we're in) but this is basically it. I'm excited. :-)

Anyway, I'm 14 weeks pregnant which means I'm in the second trimester! I feel like this pregnancy is going pretty fast, especially since I'm so focused on other things lately...like taking care of a feisty one-year old and making decisions about which car to buy and when we can afford to get our own place. Baby Ace 2.0 is the size of a lemon now and, as far as I can tell, is growing just fine. I am seeing a fantastic midwife here in Miami who will be helping me deliver the baby at home. Yes! I will write a more detailed post about that later. I really love going to see her because you can tell she really cares. She always sits down and talks with me for as long as I need to about everything. She is full of so much knowledge and really involves me in everything she is doing. For example, I get to do my own urinalysis when I go to my appointments. I know that sounds gross but I think it's so neat that I get to see for myself what she is measuring and the difference between a normal and abnormal reading. With my last pregnancy I just peed in a cup and never once talked with my midwives about it. I had no clue why I was peeing in a cup, I just did it. I like being involved and knowing what exactly is going on with my body and the baby. 

So here is Week 14! Sweet and simple. Oh, and check out last time's 'week 14' photo, I'm certainly bigger this time around!