Liam's Child Dedication

Yesterday we were finally able to have Liam's dedication at church. I have been looking forward to this day since he was born. Liam being dedicated doesn't necessarily mean he is definitely going to be a Christian when he grows up. He will have to make that decision for himself when the time comes, but it means we will raise him to know God and hopefully love Him. It also means that our church and family will come along side us, pray for us, and help to raise Liam with godly principles as well. It may not seem very significant but is is very significant for me. It means a lot to me that we will have so many people praying for us (we need it!) and helping us when we need it. I'm glad to have godly people around us to help us with this crazy task of raising Liam to be a godly man.

ANYWWAY...I just want to thank everyone who came to Liam's dedication. We love you all so much!

By the way, how handsome did this kid look?!? Seriously!