Week 15 - Take 2

I feel like we just did week 14 and we're already on to week 15. Time seriously flies with a second pregnancy. Also, I can't believe we'll be finding out if Baby Ace 2.0 is a boy or a girl in about five weeks. AND the baby is the size of an apple now! An apple. It just blows my mind. I see my midwife again in exactly one week. I'm excited to check up on the little baby and give everyone an update on the medical side of things. As for me, I've been doing okay. I'll be calling a chiropractor today to set up an appointment because my back has really been killing me. I took Liam to Barnes & Noble yesterday which may not have been the best idea because he was crawling everywhere pulling books off the shelf. I had to speed behind him, cleaning up his messes. By the time I got home my back was done. Oh well, at least he had fun. 

My belly continues to grow, as you will see in the photo. It definitely gets bigger throughout the day, as I stuff my face. I start off the day with a pretty small belly and end up the day with quite the "timbita." I feel like I wasn't this big last time around until about week 19 or so. Check out this week's photo!