Inspired by Danielle of Sometimes Sweet

Loving: Our new church. We are attending the Coral Gables campus of Christ Fellowship and are really enjoying it. Liam is getting more and more accustomed to staying in the nursery, the workers care for him excellently. I have felt challenged by the messages I've been able to hear. And we joined a small group that meets every Tuesday evening. It's great to connect with this group of believers and I feel like I'm on the path to healing from so many hurts. 

Reading: I actually just finished reading a little novel called "Baby Proof." Yeah, it's chick lit, but it was a fun read. I enjoyed it. I'm trying to figure out what I should pick up next. Any suggestions???

Watching: Dexter Season 6! Fiiiinally. My sister let me borrow her blu-ray discs so as soon as baby goes down for the night Alex and I are enjoying it one (or two) episodes at a time. Such a great show!

Listening to: I'm obsessed with Of Monsters and Men these days. I know it's not exactly brand new music but I can listen to 'My Head is an Animal' over and over again. Also, my friend sent me Rain for Roots to listen to with Liam. It's seriously a good CD! It's technically a children's Christian music CD but I love it. The music is excellent and the simple truths they sing about are great reminders for kids and adults alike. BUY IT! 

Thinking about: SO MUCH. I can't even keep all my thoughts straight. There's just so much up in the air about where our future is headed, but I guess that's where faith comes in...and lots of prayer!

Excited for: Despite all the undertainty, I really am excited about the future. I know we will have our own home and a new snuggly baby before we know it. And Liam will continue to grow and amaze us with all he's learning. I know Alex and I will grow more in love as we learn how to navigate life together and become better partners for each other, and parents for our babes. Life is really hard sometimes, but we are so blessed. So very blessed.