Happy 2013 everybody! We had a fabulous New Year's Eve last night. I thought we wouldn't be going out...because, you know, we have a baby...but we decided to attend my uncle's party with Liam in tow and I'm glad we did. Liam was loving it. He was walking all over like he owned the place...sampling the food, chasing the dog, dancing. He started getting tired around 9:45 (who am I kidding, I was tired too!) so we packed him into the car and headed home. He fell asleep instantly. When we got home we watched "New Year's Eve," which was good for some laughs, and kissed at midnight. It was perfect. Well, it was all perfect except poor Jaxon was scared out of his mind with all the fireworks going off. 


By the way, my church is reading the Bible in a year using YouVersion. I can't believe I've been a Christian since I was 16 and I've gone to seminary and still haven't read through the Bible in its entirety. So now is the perfect time to start. Do you want to join? Link up with me and we can cheer each other on. 

Hope you all had a fun start to the new year.