maternity favorites

I wanted to write a quick little post sharing some of my favorite items to use for maternity. Pregnancy can be an uncomfortable time and there are some great products out there to help make these nine months just a little easier for us. Here are some of my favorites and hopefully they can work for you too.

• ASOS skinnies: A lot of maternity pants (and maternity clothing in general) are horrible. They fit weird or aren't fashionable. I gave away my favorite pair of Gap maternity pants from when I was pregnant with Liam right before I found out I was pregnant with Isabel. Sad! Those pants were not cheap and even though I loved them I wasn't sure I was ready to shell out the money for another pair. So I searched and searched and landed on I have ordered some non-maternity pieces from them before and was satisfied with their clothing so I decided to buy some of their skinny maternity pants (on sale!). I think I spent $26 and these pants are my FAVORITE. They're so comfy, I want to wear them everyday (and probably end up wearing them 5 out of 7 days of the week). They have a variety of colors/styles/ if you're preggo you need to check them out. Seriously the best maternity pants I've ever owned. 

•Blanqi body styler: The Blanqi is amazing. It helps to support and lift your belly as well as support your back. There are a variety of cute colors, along with just plain white, black, and nude. There are different lengths so if you're tall you can get an extra long one. It also helps to smooth out your hips and sides (you know sometimes with pregnancy you fight the muffin top). I don't wear mine everyday only because it's hot in Miami and I don't want to add an extra layer to what I'm wearing. 

•Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil: I've tried a variety of Earth Mama products and love them all. So when I got pregnant again I bought this stretch oil. I already have stretch marks thanks to Mr. Liam so I wasn't expecting to prevent more stretchies or anything (though I don't believe I have gotten any new ones) but I wanted to use something to help with the itchiness that comes with a growing belly. I rub this on my belly every night before bed and it definitely it smells like heaven! Honestly it does. 

I hope this short list can benefit some of my preggo friends, of which I have many! Here's to a happy and healthy nine months.

Check out that growing belly! Crazy!

Check out that growing belly! Crazy!