Week 31 - Take 2

Phewwww...31 weeks pregnant, friends! Can you feel the anticipation building?! I'm nearly full term. I have a midwife appointment on Thursday and the baby shower on Saturday. After that I will turn all my attention to preparing for our home birth. I have to order the birth kit and make sure to get the tub reserved. I also have to get everything ready for baby and make sure all her clothes/blankets/etc are washed. I'm excited to meet Isabel. Am I ready for two kids?! Not really. But I'm ready to dive head first into this grand adventure. I just have to say to all my family and friends...PLEASE give me your prayers and support. I'm the mommy here and I get to make the decisions (with Alex of course). Whatever I decide to do please support me and love me (and the baby) through the process. I've realized lately that when I don't feel supported in my parenting decisions it stresses me out. I feel judged and I start to second-guess every single little thing. I also get resentful and depressed. Please please please don't do that to me in those fragile first few weeks post-partum. Support me. Love me. Be there for me. Encourage me. Reassure me. If you've been reading my blog for a while you know I struggled with some serious baby blues for a long time after Liam was born and I'm trying to do everything I can to avoid that this time around. If you want to help I think the best thing you could do is support me. And pray. Pray hard, haha. 

Well here is week 31 in the belly series. My belly is getting bigger, baby girl is wiggling, and I'm definitely walking around with a waddle.

Week 31 Web.jpg