To Connect or Not To Connect

Before Liam was born I did my research and downloaded an app called BabyConnect to help me keep track of feedings, diapers, sleep, and everything else you could think of. I even wrote a rave review about the app here. It really was amazingly helpful to me...but slowly it began to take over my life. I tend to become a little OCD about stuff and would have a fit if everything wasn't recorded exactly as it should be. I wanted every minute of every day recorded in that app. And when Liam started having serious sleep issues I would stare at the data trying to make sense of it all. Was it because he only napped this many times? Was it because he didn't poop today? Maybe if I do this it will change!?! Did he seriously wake up five times last night?! Why?!?

I finally quit the app well before Liam's first birthday to help ease some of the stress and anxiety. It was really the best decision I could've made for myself! 

Now that we're weeks away from Isabel's birth I'm wondering if I should even bother with the BabyConnect app. I still have it installed on my phone and iPad. And I still think I might use it to keep track of breastfeeding but not sleep. Or maybe I will use it for a few weeks or months. Or maybe I'll just use it on occasion but not all the time. I just don't want it to become an obsession again. I don't want to spend more time looking at that app than I do with my children, or husband, or reading the Bible... And I certainly don't want to make myself crazy over how many times Izzy is feeding in a day or how many poops she's had or how long that nap was. 

So what say you, blog readers? Should I just venture into second-time motherhood sans app? All the African moms in the bush parent their kids just fine without it!