Week 32 - Take 2

If you read my blog post before last then you know we had a fantastic time at Isabel Carmen's baby shower on Saturday. I'm so thankful for my family pulling everything together and for everyone who took the time to make it to the party. 

Now that the baby shower is over I'm trying to get organized and figure out what we need to be ready for Isabel's arrival... I need to order the co-sleeper, bumgenius diapers, and a few other things. Then I need to order the birthing kit and interview a new pediatrician. Then it's really just a waiting game. I remember when I was pregnant with Liam I was in no hurry for him to arrive. I was perfectly content being pregnant and waiting until he was ready to make his grand entrance into the world. But this time around I am so achey and tired...I just want this kid out of me! Haha. I want to get this show on the road and figure out how to be a mommy of two. The anticipation is killing me a little bit. I think the stress of not knowing what it will be like is worse than just living it. It's hard to anticipate what the future holds because I don't know what kind of baby Izzy will be. Will she have colic? Will she be a "good sleeper"? Will be nurse like a champ or have latching issues? I can't predict what life will be like and I keep getting anxiety wondering. I just want to do this already. I also want to say goodbye to these crazy lower back/hip/pelvic pains. The days are becoming a lot more challenging. So hopefully she will be here sooner rather than later. 

Here is week 32 in the belly series. 

Week 32 Web copy.jpeg