Big Brother Liam


I have often felt guilty about being pregnant at this point in our lives. There are a plethora of reasons but one of the main ones is because of Liam. He's still so young, so needy. He doesn't understand at all that he will soon be a big brother and will likely be confused and jealous when Isabel arrives. He will see her nursing and being held all the time and will want those things as well. He's not used to sharing me. I know it'll be tough at first but I realized last night that Liam will love having a little sister.

Liam really is a sweet boy. He enjoys playing with other kids and is affectionate. It's so cute when we go to gymboree class and he is smiling ear to ear and laughing as he plays with the other kids. He often tries to hug them and they're like, "uhh, I don't know you, kid," But Isabel will love her big brother. Once she's out of that sleepy newborn stage they will start interacting more and even playing together. They won't remember life without each other and I think they will form a special and unique bond. I'm excited to give Liam this gift, the gift of a sibling. Hey may not understand at first, but soon he will adore Isabel and take care of her and be the best big brother one could hope for. I'm excited to see Liam in this new role and will continue to pray for God to prepare his heart for this next step. Pray with me friends. :-)