one of those weeks

Do you ever have one of those weeks? Things just don't seem to be going your way...or everything is getting to you...or you feel like you really want to go on a long vacation and forget about everything for a little while... Surely I'm not the only one! 

This is my "not impressed" face.

This is my "not impressed" face.

It's not that this week has been horrible because it really hasn't. I think I'm just extra tired (sleep deprivation is catching up with me!) and I'm annoyed about a bunch of little things. I find myself taking time throughout the day to take deep breaths and remind myself that everything is okay and we are so blessed.  

I'm hoping I can get out of this funk soon because I always hate having a dark cloud over my head. For now I'll just enjoy the fact that at this moment the baby is sleeping (after 30+ minutes of trying to get her down!) and Liam is watching Little Einsteins. Just breathe... 

[Oh and you should totally read this...I read it today and it definitely resonated with me this week..sometimes other people just have the perfect words to describe exactly how you're feeling.]