month seven

I'm a little late with Isabel's seven month update...but better late than never!

It feels like I was just writing Isabel's six month update. This girl gets more and more darling with each passing day. She's pretty much mastered sitting, though still topples after some time. She's rolling all over the place. She's eating all kinds of food, though not very large amounts. She has a total of six teeth now! She loves to be in the middle of all the craziness. She's fascinated with Liam and is always trying to grab him. Everything he does is hilarious in her eyes.  

We're in that weird time where we're not sure if she needs two naps or three. It depends on how long they are and what kind of mood she's in. It's been a real challenge for me to get her to sleep sometimes. She will fight me and fight me. That's always been the most confusing thing for me as a mom, figuring out sleep. Just one more reason why I can't have any more kids...the sleep situation alone will drive me crazy. ;-)

She's also still not a huge fan of the car. Still praying she outgrows it soon. I try toys and snacks and videos, but when she doesn't want to be in the car she will scream and cry. It's awful.  

Other than the sleep thing and the car thing she's been a pretty easygoing baby and I don't have much to complain about.  She really lights up my day and I'm so thankful for her. It's amazing to me how fast the time seems to be going. Honestly, Liam's first year seemed to stretch out forever, but Isabel's first year is flying by. Here is her seven month photo. 

isabel month 7 web.jpg