month eight

Baby girl is now eight months old and precious as can be. It's funny how different she is from Liam. It's true that every baby is different. She's really a sweet girl and pretty content, but she sure is a princess. She loves to spend most of the day in someone's arms, preferably papi's. But that girl is probably about twenty pounds so I let her play on the floor as much as possible. She mostly likes to sit and chew on stuff. She is CRAZY about Liam. Any time he is around her eyes are fixated on him. If he's close enough she will reach out and grab him with a huge smile on her face. She just loves him so much. 

She babbles a lot. She says mama and a whole bunch of other indecipherable things. She has zero interest in crawling. Liam wasn't crawling at this age either so whatever. It is what it is. She'll get there when she feels like it. She IS a pro at clapping (it's the cutest!) and sometimes waves or puts her hand out for a high five. 

Her sleep has been ugh to say the least. She takes two naps a day which has been great. I put her in her crib and she will cry for a few minutes but then go to sleep on her own and sleep for a looong time. But night time. Good Lord. She's getting over a cold so that was rough, but I think it totally messed up her nighttime sleep and we may have to sleep train again. I want my awesome sleeper back! 

She's been enjoying her purees a lot more these days and is a pro at eating puffs. I need to try giving her more finger foods. She has seven teeth now! 

Aaaanyway, here is her eight month photo! 

isabel month 8 web.jpg