Life Changer - Part 2

When Liam was two months old I posted this blog post about how much he had already changed our lives. 

When Isabel was a couple months old I put the same shirt on her and took some photos with the intention of posting them on here as well... And I totally forgot! I discovered the photos recently when I was cleaning up my iPhoto and I just had to share...even though it's been several months. 


Isn't my baby girl precious? When I first found out I was pregnant I was nervous because I knew how life-changing having a child could be. I didn't know if we were ready for this huge change. But man, we have all fallen so in love with her. She is the perfect addition to our family. She has made Alex into a big pile of mush and Liam into an amazing big brother. And I feel like I kind of got a second chance at this baby thing. Not gonna lie, I was realllllly sleepy during Liam's first year...I'm still sleepy, but not as much, and since I know it goes so fast I've been enjoying it a lot more. 

Thanks for coming into our lives and changing it for the better, baby girl. We love you!