living a better story

Don't you love it when you're going through something and then seemingly out of nowhere God drops some wisdom on you?  

Yesterday at church our pastor gave a sermon that felt like it was just for me. I wrote about my desire to work in ministry and do more with my life, and that's exactly what Pr. Rick preached about. He told us that God calls us to live a better story...we need only be in the right place and channel God's blessings so we can be a blessing to others. 

I feel validated in my feelings to want something more because we all have something in us that wants to live a better story. I want my life to mean something and not waste it away. I'm excited to discover what God has for me. I also feel good about our decision to move back to Miami. Sometimes I have doubts and I long for an easier life (Miami is no easy town to settle down in!), but the need in Miami is so great. This city is 93% unchurched and it's up to us to spread God's love and make a difference here. We are in the right place to live a great story. We are here because God put us here. And I can't argue with this weather. I'll take eternal summer over snow and freezing temps any time. ;-)  

You need to hear this sermon from Pr. Rick and be encouraged. Click over to our church's website and watch the message here.