Fresh Beat Band...Live!

Okay, I couldn't NOT write a short little blog post about going to see Liam's favorite musical group live in concert. We bought these tickets more than half a year ago and I have been waiting all that time to finally let Liam know that we would be seeing the Fresh Beat Band. Saturday morning when we let him know our plans for the day he could not stop smiling and kept saying, "I so excited!" 

It was amazing to observe him at his first concert. This little dude is so like his mama. At first he was very quiet and reserved. He didn't even want to clap, though he was certainly in awe that they were really there. Other kids were dancing in the aisles (I purposely chose aisle seats for this exact purpose) and I tried to encourage him to dance as well. At first he refused. Then he decided to stand there but he wanted to hold my hand. Every once in a while he would shoot me a smile. He finally got comfortable and danced in the aisle (while holding my hands of course) and it was awesome. I'm so happy we were able to give him this gift. There's nothing like seeing your kid completely happy and excited about something. I'm really thankful for the good time we had. A lot of people make fun of "kiddie music," and roll their eyes at the people that perform on kid shows, but I honestly love these people because Liam loves them. They're fun and kind and bring joy to my son's life. So hey, we'll keep watching the show and singing the songs because it's fun and brings us together. Thanks, Fresh Beat Band! ;-)

(Pics aren't the best quality because they were taken with my phone in a dark theater)

photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG
photo 3.JPG

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