Goodbye, Hammocks House.

We moved into this house in the Hammocks when I was about eight years old...that makes twenty years that I've been here in one way or another. I remember birthday parties, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas celebrations. I remember swimming in the pool every single day when I was a kid. I remember getting ready for my prom. I remember Alex coming over to watch a movie and very slickly holding my hand for the first time. I remember getting dressed for my wedding here. I remember Liam taking his first steps in the back yard. I remember Isabel being born in my parents' room. 

There are a lifetime of memories here. I grew up in this house...from little girl to teenager to college student to married woman to mother. It's incredible how many big life moments have occurred in this house. I'm so grateful for all the fantastic memories this house has given me. It's seems surreal that we'll be leaving now. We've left before but this time it seems bigger. This is the first time we are establishing a home elsewhere in Miami. We're saying good bye to the Hammocks, to Kendall, and making new memories in a new home in a new part of town. I'm excited for what's ahead, but sad for what we leave behind. Thanks for all the good times (and not so good times), Hammocks House. We'll visit often.