The Pregnant Body

People always comment about how great/thin/small I look...and, at the risk of sounding horrid and vain, I know I look pretty good. But my pregnant body is so very different from my normal body. My pregnant body is being stretched to the limit with thighs that touch and body parts that jiggle and all kinds of weird stuff. It isn't always fun to watch your body change so drastically. But despite all the weirdness, this pregnant body is really something to be celebrated. This pregnant body is growing and sustaining a life...for the second time! It's keeping my daughter warm and safe and nourished. 

I don't plan on ever being pregnant again so I really wanted to take some photos that show this pregnant body of mine. Don't worry, nothing inappropriate is showing. I think Alex did a great job taking some classy photos that showcase what it really looks like to be pregnant, and it's beautiful. I mean, there are a bunch of things I can find wrong with these photos (hello stretch marks!) but when it comes down to it, this pregnant body of mine is beautiful, and I don't hate it. 

Preggo 2.jpg