Week 37 - Take 2

Full term!!! We made it, folks. This Little Lady can come out any time now and she would be perfectly fine. That also means my home birth is a go because if I would've gone into labor before now I would've had to go to the hospital. So hooray for Isabel being a good little girl and staying put. Now she needs to be extra good and come out soon so we can all meet her. ;-) We are all so anxious to hold her and kiss her and take her picture and marvel at how perfect we know she is. 

I've started doing acupuncture treatments. I actually got the recommendation from my grandmother! The lady doing the treatments for me is great. She's very knowledgeable. She's helping me with the back pain I've been feeling and I think if I hit 40 weeks and am miserable I will see her to try and get labor going. There are certain pressure points that can be stimulated to try and get labor induced naturally. Of course it's really all about when Isabel is ready to come out. So we will see. 

I also met with someone about getting my placenta encapsulated. She lives really close by so she will be able to come by the day Isabel is born to pick up my placenta and come back after a day or two with the pills. Again, the benefits are huge and I'm so thankful to have found this person to provide this service for me. 

I am feeling so good about having this baby. I've had many ups and downs throughout the pregnancy. I've had moments when I have doubted whether I could really do this. But the closer we get to meeting Isabel the more confident I feel. I'm really setting myself up for success by surrounding myself with positive and supportive people. Plus I've been praying it up! I know God will help me as He always has.

Here is week 37! Hello full term belly! 

Week 37 Web.jpeg