Liam at 18 months

Can you believe my boy is already 18 months old! It's been six months since his first birthday and it'll be only six months until his second birthday. He continues to amaze me with how much he learns everyday. His vocabulary is exploding. Okay, so many of his "words" are not decipherable to most people, but since I'm with him everyday I have become an expert in "Liamese." Some of his regular every day words are: mama, papa, wawa (agua/water), jugo (juice in Spanish), Momo (Elmo), moomoo (cow), wowow (dog), aya ('over there' in Spanish), ayi ('here' in Spanish), uh-oh (so cute when he says this!), no, ball, yuck, apple, iPad (yeah, he's addicted), owl, up-ah (up), buh-bye, poopoo, oval. There's more everyday. Yesterday he was trying to say pasta. It just blows my mind. I'm excited for when he starts putting sentences together. 

He's also an iPad genius. Genius. He can maneuver that thing better than most adults. He has his own folder with all his games and he even knows how to look at videos on YouTube. I admit that there are times he gets a little crazy and obsessed with it and that's when I have to take it away and he has a fit, but he gets over it quickly. But overall I'm glad he has it to entertain himself with. Sometimes it's the only way I can get a few minutes to myself to run to the bathroom or get dressed or clean dishes or fold get it. Plus I think it's one of the reasons he's learned so many words and can recognize so many animals, etc. Obviously I monitor all the games he plays and videos he watches to make sure they're educational and age-appropriate.

His favorite shows to watch are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Super Why, and Fresh Beat Band. I love love love when he dances to the hot dog dance at the end of Mickey Mouse or when he tries to copy the dance moves of the Fresh Beat Band. And I love when he watches Super Why and tries to copy the sounds of the letters they are talking about. Parents can knock TV all they want but I don't hate it. Oh, he also knows the movements to 'itsy bitsy spider' and 'the wheels on the bus,' as well as various Wiggles songs. 

He loves doing puzzles, stacking blocks, playing with cars, and throwing balls. He absolutely loves the playground and gymboree. He really enjoys playing with other kids, though he is quite bossy. He can get possessive with toys and wants kids to do what he says, but hey, he's a toddler. He's also pretty good about sharing when asked, so that's good.

He eats pretty well. His favorite foods are any kind of pasta and apple sauce. He also recently decided to start drinking milk again. Still not a huge fan of meat, but he will eat small bites of hot dog or slices of deli turkey or meat-filled raviolis. I started giving him carrot orange juice in the mornings to get more veggies in. I'd like to try juicing to get even more veggies into his diet. 

Sleep...oh sleep. It's always been a roller coaster with Liam in the sleep department. Every once in a while he will have an amazing night where he won't make a peep all night and wakes up at 7 with a big ol' smile on his face (like last night!). But most nights he wakes up and wants mama...if papa goes in, he has a fit and wants to come sleep in our bed. Sighhhh. I'm trying to be patient but I really don't know what to do about it. I kind of want to sleep train again, but I wouldn't know where to begin or how to go about that. I'm at a loss. I just keep praying that he will get over it and that Isabel will be an amazing miracle sleeper to balance things out.

He's down to one nap a day, anywhere from 1.5-3 hours long. Most days it's a solid two hours. Glorious! At least we don't have nap struggles anymore. I remember the days he would scream and it would take forever to get him to go down. I remember having to trick him to sleep by going for car rides or stroller walks. Now I tell him, "Liam it's time for night night," and he walks to the room and gets in the bed himself. Is this my child?! I stay with him until he falls asleep which never takes long at all and then he's out. Thank you, Lord! Oh, and the best part is he usually gives me 3295157 kisses before going to sleep. He's the best.

So yeah, that's the gist of Liam at this age. Sorry it's so long, but it could honestly be longer. I'm one of those moms who could talk about her kid all day. He's my world. He amazes me and frustrates me and makes me laugh and cry and smile and feel like I'm the most loved mommy in all the world. It's not always easy being Liam's mama, and there are days I want to quit and go somewhere far away...but then I would miss him too much. I'm blessed to be Liam's mom.