Week 34 - Take 2

I'm a little late getting this week's belly photo up but we've had a busy week! 

The nursery is almost finished. Alex worked really hard painting the room (believe me, it was a complicated endeavor) and now we just have to get a few details in and it's all set. It's a cute little room for Liam and Isabel to share. I'll post a few photos once it's fully completed. 

These days I am definitely waddling when I walk. It's slightly amusing I suppose... But I would rather walk without the waddle! I also retired my wedding ring. I'm not too swollen but it's definitely uncomfortable on my finger so I'd rather take it off now before it gets stuck! AND even a lot of my maternity clothes are not fitting my growing body anymore! Isabel will have to get here soon because otherwise I'll be walking around naked. Nobody wants to see that. 

I saw my midwife today and everything is still perfect. My next appointment is the home visit at 36 weeks. I can't believe it! 

So here is week 34! 

Week 34 Web.jpeg