Isabel's Home Birth Story

It really started on Sunday night. I was feeling so uncomfortable and done with pregnancy. I even cried to Alex because I just wanted it to be over. My back and hip pain was awful and I was also experiencing menstrual-like feelings in my abdomen. I couldn't sleep well all night and was frustrated. I didn't think labor would be happening soon though. I just thought I was uncomfortable and would have to stick it out another week or so. 

Monday morning came and I was feeling weird. I was just off. Still with that feeling in my belly but no real pain to speak of. I took a shower and sat down at the couch, still feeling weird. I told Alex and my mom, "I think this baby is coming today...or tomorrow...or the next day..." At that point I was feeling random contractions here and there but didn't want anyone to worry. Alex went to work and I went outside with my mom and Liam. As we were walking a contraction hit me and I had to stop. I couldn't even move. That's when I went inside and called Alex to come back home. It was somewhere between 8:00-8:30 in the morning. 

I was sitting on the yoga ball in my mom's room when Alex arrived. He immediately began inflating the pool and filling it with water. At this point I was feeling desperate. Merari arrived soon after that to take photos of Isabel's birth. The midwife was on her way but I was already talking about calling it quits and heading to the hospital. I was hardly getting a break between contractions. They just kept coming one after the other. My mother-in-law took Liam to the library for story time. I'm glad he was out of the house and didn't have to see or hear me in such pain. Sheila, my midwife, showed up and brought a calm spirit with her. I was telling her I couldn't do it and every time a contraction hit I said, "" And she told me, "Remember the power of our words." So I switched to saying, "yes." I wanted Isabel to know it was okay for her to come out and we all wanted to meet her. 


I have to say that getting in the water really did help me. Obviously it was still painful but I felt like my body was handling it a lot better than when I was sitting on the yoga ball. 

20 minutes after Sheila arrived I felt the most insane urge to push. It was so different than when I pushed Liam out. With Liam I pushed for an hour and didn't really scream much. But this time I let out this primal scream and pushed with everything I had, I couldn't even control it. When I looked down I saw her whole body sticking out of me except her head. I was shocked! I guess no one wanted to say anything and freak me out. I remember asking, "is she stuck?" and they said no. So I pushed once more and when her head came out it felt like a big pop. But she was out. And she was safe. And she had some healthy lungs. I hugged her close and cried and felt happy and grateful. It was 10:45 AM.


Miraculously I didn't tear at all. Hallelujah. Maybe it was because of the water keeping everything nice and lubricated. I'm just grateful because with Liam I had a pretty bad tear that made postpartum recovery difficult. It's made such a difference this time around to not have to deal with that. 

I am beyond thankful that Sheila made it just in time for Isabel to come out. Can you imagine if she hadn't been there?! Alex would've seen a booty coming out and freaked out. Apparently Izzy came out with her butt first and then her legs popped out, then the rest of her body and finally her head. I kind of wish I had a video so I could see it myself. No wonder I let out a primal scream when she was exiting my body! 

And I'm thankful that my mom made it just in time. I really wanted her to be there to see her granddaughter's birth and she had arrived the night before. 


God had his hands all over this birth. He orchestrated everything perfectly. There were some curve balls thrown in (Hello?! Breech baby?! Did not see that coming!) but everything turned out fine. Isabel is perfectly healthy. I'm perfectly healthy. Home birth win! 

I'm so glad we decided to do this. I don't plan on ever having any more children (please Lord, no) but if I did I would have another home birth. I highly recommend it to all my mama friends. Giving birth at home is one of the best decisions we made and I could not have asked for a better birthing team. Thank you, Lord, for providing and for taking care of all the details like You always do. 


All photos taken by the very talented Merari Photography. Thank you for capturing this day!