one week

Well it's been quite a week over here! But I have to say, it's been a pretty great week. Here's an update for you, bullet-point style because that's all my brain can manage at the moment. :-)

  • Isabel is thriving. She's already up past her birth weight. Hallelujah! She really is a doll. We all love her so much and can't believe how perfect she is.
  • Liam loves being a big brother...most of the time. He loves his "nene" and is always wanting to hold her, kiss her...and occasionally poke her eye out. He's still learning how to be gentle. 
  • Alex has gone back to work part time. He really is Super Dad. He goes to work every day for at least part of the day and then comes home to help with the baby, play with Liam, take care of me, and work from home. He is doing it all and I admire him so much for it.
  • I am feeling pretty good. I am definitely sleep deprived but I have been able to take a nap every day and do lots of resting in bed thanks to all the help around here. This postpartum experience has been pretty positive so far. I also believe that my placenta capsules have been helping a great deal.
  • We had a bit of a health scare with Isabel and ended up taking her in to the hospital today. Thankfully after running a few tests we have confirmed that she is perfectly healthy. She's a strong little lady.

Thank you to everyone who has called, texted, emailed, prayed, etc etc etc for us. We appreciate all the love.