Goodbye, Sweet Jaxon.


This weekend we had to say goodbye to our sweet fur baby. Jaxon had been off for a couple days but on Saturday he really took a turn for the worse. Alex and I took him to an animal hospital thinking maybe he just ate something bad and would soon be well. We got the shock of our lives when the vet informed us that he actually had a tumor on his spleen that was pushing his stomach up and had bled out. Really there was nothing more to be done... Before we knew it we were agreeing to euthanize him. It happened so fast. I thought we would be able to take him back home and be with him a little longer. I thought Liam would be able to hug him one last time. I thought he could die comfortably at home. But it had to be done right then and there. We did have a few minutes to say goodbye...and we were with him when he took his last breath.

Jaxon was really the perfect dog for us. We adopted him while we were living in North Carolina. From the first moment he met us he loved us. He jumped right into our arms and hearts. He moved with us to Denver where he loved going to the dog parks and the occasional mountain hike. He met Liam and was always so patient with him, even when Liam got mobile and always wanted to hug him and give him high fives. He moved with us to Miami where he loved lounging by the pool and the food scraps my grandma would sneak him. 

It's sad that he's no longer with us. We will all miss him.

Sweet Jaxon, I wish we had more time together. We love you.