Week 38 - Take 2

Sighhhhh... Still pregnant over here. I suppose it's for the best. My mom doesn't get into town until the 10th and I would really like her to be here when Isabel is born. Still, I've become increasingly uncomfortable. It seems that no matter what I do the back/hip pain does not go away. It's the worst when I'm trying to get comfy enough to sleep or when I've been doing a lot of chores or walking. So I'd really like to get this baby out and start feeling more normal again. Oh, and the number of times I pee during the day (and night) is crazy. 

There's really nothing new to report...this has got to be the most boring part of pregnancy...the final weeks when you're just sitting around waiting. I'm trying not to think about it too much. Just pray that Isabel shows her face sooner rather than later! 

Here is week 38...with a special appearance by big brother Liam:

Week 38 web.jpeg