Robert Is Here


On Sunday we decided to visit the Redland campus of our church. It was fun seeing the similarities and differences between this campus and the one we normally attend (Coral Gables). I really love our church and I love how it's reaching so many different parts of Miami. After service we decided to go to Robert Is Here. We had never been and I didn't imagine it would be so amazing! Not only do they have various fruits and veggies and milk shakes for sale...they also have all kinds of animals and a splash pad. I wish I had known about the splash pad because then I would have brought Liam's bathing suit. Next time! Liam had so much fun looking at all the animals and was even brave enough to feed a goat. I love seeing him have new experiences. It makes the world so much more exciting when you see it through the eyes of a child. And of course our little Lady Love was asleep the whole time. Hah. Someday she will enjoy these little outings as much as Liam does.