month two

Isabel is now two months old and she is a DOLL. I could not have asked for a more perfect baby. She's pretty laid-back and doesn't ask for much. She's drinking about five ounces of milk every three to four hours. She is starting to enjoy bath time, but definitely doesn't like getting dressed after. She's pretty good about tummy time and is a real pro at holding her head up. Making her go to sleep for naps and bedtime is wayyy easier than it was for Liam when he was a baby. And she wakes once at night to have a bottle and goes back to sleep. Sometimes she will wake up at other times during the night, but it's only for a quick cuddle and then she's back down. Like her brother she is not a fan of the pacifier, which is a shame because she hates car rides and will scream her head off. She doesn't have a breakdown every time we are in the car but when she does I really wish I could pop a paci in her mouth to calm her down, especially when it's just me and the kids. When someone else is in the car they will squeeze inbetween the car seats and shush her until she stops crying. She is starting to smile more which I find adorable. She's just the cutest girl I've ever known. 

Here is her two month photo:

isabel month 2 web.jpeg