Everything is Bad

Like many moms I do a lot of reading and researching on the Internet. I like to know what's the latest and greatest and want to make sure I'm doing the best I can for my kids. I have found the Internet to be an encouraging place that has really empowered me to make some great choices for my family. Lately, however, I can't help but feel negativity towards a lot of what I'm reading. It seems that no matter what I do everything is bad! There's no such thing as a good formula...every single formula in the world will harm your baby, even the organic ones. Those food pouches that Liam loves so much, those are bad too. So what if they're organic and have no additives, they're devoid of any real nutritional value and will just spike his blood sugar. All the produce in the grocery store is bad, you can't even trust Whole Foods. You should just grow your own vegetables in your own garden. All types of milk are either bad for you or lacking in nutrition in some way. I mean, really, how am I supposed to feed my kids when everything is just bad for them? It makes me feel like no matter what I do, it's not good enough. I love the "crunchy" natural parenting websites out there. I have learned a lot from these people. These web sites are the reason I had two drug-free deliveries, one of which was at home. It's the reason I was able to exclusively breastfeed Liam for over a year. It's the reason I made my own baby food using only organic produce when Liam started solids. It's the reason I believe in extended rearfacing child seats. It's the reason I don't mind co-sleeping with my babes. It's the reason I believe in and love babywearing. As I said before, I've learned a lot and become much more aware...but good Lord, I will never live up to their standards. Sometimes it gets me down and frustrates me but I'm learning that it's okay. My kids are going to eat french fries sometimes. Their diet won't be perfect. Sometimes I will give them antibiotics instead of trying some natural homeopathic remedy. And my daughter will be given formula instead of breast milk. I highly doubt my kids will be irreversibly damaged because of these things. I can only do my best and pray for God to protect them in this crazy world.