Birthday Wish List

May is my birth month! I'll be 28 this year (28!) and I've been dreaming about a few things that I would love for my birthday. Obviously I won't be receiving all of these because we're in the process of re-evaluating our finances and saving up for when we move out of my parents' house. BUT it's nice to dream and I think if we diligently save our pennies all these items will be mine...someday. ;-)

1. MacBook Air


My laptop is slowly dying. The battery pretty much exploded so I have to have it plugged in all the time. I would love to simplify and get a MacBook Air that I can carry around with me, no hassle.

2. iPhone 5


My current iPhone is also slowly dying. The button at the top stopped working and it's getting slower and slower. I suppose it's still doing what it needs to do so I will hold off on purchasing a new phone for as long as possible, but I would love the iPhone 5 in sleek white. Or maybe by the time I'm ready to make the investment they'll have an iPhone 6! :-)

3. Cute dress (with a matching one for Isabel!)


Oh my word! How adorable are these dresses! Isabel and I would look fabulous in this matching set. ;-)

4. Bracelet


I love this bracelet from thief & bandit. I love almost everything in this shop actually! I've been wanting to rock some arm candy and this bracelet is perfect.

Anyone else have a birthday coming up?? What's on your wish list?