Liam at 21 months

I was going to do an update on Liam at 20 months but with trying to get adjusted to life with a newborn it slipped my mind. Whoops! Well here we are at 21 months and it's hard to believe that Liam is nearly two years old. He has grown so much since the last time I did an update. Here's a quick bullet-point style list for you:

• He is talking up a storm. His words are not always decipherable but he's definitely trying. And he likes to repeat what we say a lot so we need to watch ourselves! 

We put him on a waiting list for preschool. I was nervous to take this step but he has shown so much growth over the past couple months. I really think he's ready for the school environment. I'm excited for him! I hope he gets in. Pray for that, folks! 

• I'm so proud of him when it comes to the church nursery. He used to scream and cry every single time. They would often have to call me out of the service to calm him down. But lately he will cry only when we drop him off and then calm down and play once we leave. I've even gone to spy on him a few times (yes, I'm THAT mom) and it makes my heart so happy to see him happily playing without us. In fact, yesterday when I went to pick him up he didn't want to leave and kept telling me, "buh-bye!" 

• His new favorite show is Daniel Tiger. He lights up whenever we watch it. Of course Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is his true favorite. I love it when he does the 'hot dog dance' at the end.  

• He graduated to the next level in his swim class called Super Baby. He no longer swims with his dad but goes in the pool all by himself. Surprisingly he doesn't have a problem with it at all! Many others cry through class but he is amazing. He likes his teacher and I'm always so impressed with his swimming skills. I didn't know kids his age were capable of swimming the way he does. I'm definitely a proud mama. 

• Liam is such a great big brother. He really loves "nene." He likes to hold her and kiss her. He shares his toys with her. It's cute to see. He does have his moments of jealousy or not understanding why I can't just stop feeding Isabel and play with him outside but that's normal. I'm excited to see their relationship develop. 

I'm sure there's much more I could add to this list but my memory fails me at the moment. Just know that this boy is definitely growing up. It seems like every single day I'm impressed with some new development that he's made. It's an exciting age to witness. I sure do love this sweet boy of mine.