Simple Supply: Review & Discount Code

Last week I introduced you guys to Simply Supply. We've had Liam's bag for over a week now so I wanted to let you all know what we think of it. 

Simple-Supply_Header copy.jpg

When I first looked at the bag in person I was impressed with the quality. It's sturdy and made to last. Anyone with a toddler can tell you that they aren't exactly careful or gentle with their belongings. Liam throws his toys around like they're indestructible. Any bag that he uses on a daily basis is going to have to be tough. I also like the size of it. Liam had a different bag before this which served its purpose but he's just too little to carry it on his back, even when it barely had anything inside it would cause him to topple backwards. The Simple Supply bag is the perfect size for him to carry on his back. And let me tell you, he looks absolutely adorable walking around with it. Also, we chose to get the black and gray one because I think it will hide scuffs and dirt better than some of the other brightly colored kiddie bags on the market (like I said he has another bag that looks pretty worn out...I won't say which company it's from, but it's a popular brand). And even though the bag is mostly gray and black it does have a pop of color in the blue zipper as well as some camo details on the straps, which I appreciate. I like that the bag is appropriate for a child without being too baby-ish. They do, however, have a couple other color options (orange!) if you're not into black. 


The good people at Simple Supply also sent us two pencil cases which will be perfect for Liam to carry around his crayons and markers without them getting strewn all around in his bag.


If you're interested in purchasing a back pack for your tot just click on this link or you can click on their ad in the side bar of my blog (it will be up for the next few months). They are generously offering my readers a 15% discount when you use the code GLOWINGLIGHT at check out. 

Thank you, Simple Supply, for Liam's awesome new pre-school back pack. We love it!