month three

Isabel is three months old today. Yay! We are rolling right along here. I really don't get sad as my babies get older. I celebrate each passing month and get excited to see them grow and develop. And Isabel is definitely growing and developing. She is such a sweet baby. She loves to get kisses and lights up when someone is talking to her. She has the best smile and cutest little laugh. She's pretty easy-going for the most part and is already on somewhat of a predictable schedule. She sleeps pretty well at night though sometimes wakes up and needs help getting back to sleep. She's also not the best at napping in public. She wakes easily instead of getting a good full nap in. 

She has started trying to roll over. Right now she can roll from her back to her side. And sometimes when she's sitting in my lap she really seems like she wants to just get up and walk already. Haha.  

Here is her three month photo:  

isabel month 3 web.jpg