father's day

Father's Day is on Sunday! Allow me to give a shout out to my husband, Alex, for being a stellar dad. One thing I really appreciate about him is that he has no fear of taking care of the kids on his own. You know how some dads dread the thought of having a day alone with the kids? They start panicking about how hard it will be. That's not Alex. He looks forward to alone time with the kiddies and doesn't get to do it often enough in his mind. He really loves Liam and Isabel and is a great help to me in caring for them. Thanks, Alex. You're awesome. 

And I can't let this day pass without thanking my own father for being loving, kind, encouraging, and the biggest fan his daughters could ask for. I admire him so much and wish him every happiness that he desires. 

Check out this video promoting Father's Day at our church on Sunday (Alex and Isabel make an appearance!)  If you're in Miami bring your dad to church (we'll be at the West Kendall campus), I hear they're giving away some yummy treats.