Miami Children's Museum


I'm slowly but surely venturing out on my own with both kids. I figure we can't be hermits for the next few years so we might as well go out and enjoy the world...even if it can get messy at times.  

On Friday the Miami Children's Museum had a free day so the kids and I met up with my sister and nephew. Liam was in heaven. He enjoyed all the exhibits and had fun running around with his cousin. Isabel had a couple moments where I think she got scared (life-size roaring dinosaurs can have that affect on babies) but for the most part was just fine. I'm glad my sister was there to help out. I don't think things would have gone as smoothly if I had been alone with the kiddies.  

I think we will have a really fun summer together. I want our next adventure to be a water park. Let's go, friends!