we're done

We're done. There's not a doubt in my mind. We are sooo done. I'm talking about having kids. Sometimes people ask me if we ever want to have any more children. The answer is an emphatic, "No thanks." It's not because having kids is a drag, it's really not. My life is much richer because of those adorable babies of mine. It's not because kids are expensive, although finances definitely play a part. The reason I know we're done is the same reason I knew we were ready to start having kids in the first place, it just feels right. 

After having Liam and experiencing what life was really like with a baby I grew weary of having a second child. "Do I really want to do this all over again???" But even though it was hard and we went through so many difficulties I knew our family wasn't complete. Alex knew it too. We didn't want Liam to be an only child and saw so much value in giving him a sibling. And so along came Isabel. You guys, she's a doll. Such a calm and happy baby. I often say that if she had been my first child I would've thought this parenting thing was easy. But she's still a baby who requires constant care and attention, and as I've established several times in the past, I'm not a baby person. :-) And now there is just no desire in me whatsoever to have another baby. I have my two. My boy and my girl. My son and my daughter. They are my world. Motherhood requires so much. I want to be able to give my children the kind of love and attention they deserve. It's difficult enough as it is dividing my time between two kids that I can't imagine stretching it even further. Maybe other people look forward to having large families, but I'm not one of them. i want to really enjoy my time with my kids and not feel frazzled trying to keep up with several little ones at once. I really give everything I have to this parenting thing and I know that having more kids would run me ragged. 

And so, we're done. I really feel so happy and blessed to have the kids that I do. I look at them and feel pure joy and gratitude. I feel complete. This is my family.  


How did you know you were done having kids? Or do you still want more?