Reading from the start...

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I have always loved reading so when I found out I was pregnant with Liam I wanted to pass on my love of books to him. I can't tell you how important reading is. It annoys me when people say they don't like to read. I just feel like reading is so crucial for life. It helps to develop imagination, concentration, and relaxation. If my kids enjoy reading I believe they will do better in school and life in general. If you don't like to read please don't state those sentiments around my children because I don't want them having any kind of negative feelings towards reading at all! I remember when Liam was a baby there were some people who didn't understand why I wanted so many books for him. The love of reading needs to be nurtured from the beginning. Even if a baby doesn't understand the story just yet I think it's important to develop the habit of sitting still and listening to a book being read and then eventually reading it yourself.  

I love sitting with Liam in his room and reading book after book. He has his favorites that we read over and over again as he sits in my lap. He even has some books memorized and will "read" along with me. Lately he has started sitting with a book in his hands, flipping through the pages, and "reading" aloud. It's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. My favorite is when he reads in the car. For a while we would let him play with the iPad for car trips, but it really bugged me. I'm certainly not anti-screen time and I wouldn't hesitate to let him watch a tv show or movie for a long road trip if need be, but I didn't want him to be relying on the iPad for every single trip to the grocery store or church or whatever. I'm glad we were able to phase out the iPad from the car and introduce book reading instead. 

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So far Liam seems to be a little book worm. I hope he continues down that path and that Isabel follows in his foot steps.  

What are some of your children's favorite books? Or what were your favorites when you were a kid? 

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