our young marriage

Alex and I were pretty young when we got married. I didn't feel so young at the time, especially since several of our friends were  jumping on the marriage train as well, but we were young. We got married about two weeks after my 23rd birthday and about a month before Alex's 23rd birthday. Sometimes I think about it and I'm just in awe. I look at some 22/23 year olds and I think, "Wow, I can't believe that was us when we made the incredibly life-changing decision to become husband and wife." I remember one of my co-workers at the time who was also engaged (but waiting until 30 years old to actually tie the knot) kept asking me why I wanted to get married already. I asked her why she wanted to wait. She said a bunch of stuff about wanting her 20's to be about her and then settling down in her 30s. She didn't want to be tied down and wanted to be able to "sow her wild oats" basically. I didn't want to point out the fact that really she already was tied down simply by putting that ring on her finger, but hey. I told her that there was really no reason for Alex and me to wait. We knew we loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We were, and still are, best friends. Who better to experience life with than your best friend? 

Alex and I have been on so many adventures together since saying "I do" five years ago. I'm so happy that he's been by my side through grad school, moving to different states, having children, traveling to several countries. And I'm glad he's been by my side through all the small stuff too...pizza nights, watching movies on the couch, going to church together, pool days, grocery shopping. We've made great memories and there's no way I would ever change my decision to marry young. I was blessed enough to meet the love of my life at a young age and we took the plunge. What a great and happy life we're lucky enough to experience together. 

What are your thoughts on this subject? How old were you when you got married?  Do you think it's wise to wait to marry?