month four

Little Lady is four months old today. Time is just flying by. She is becoming more beautiful with each day that passes. She's such a smiley baby. She loves kisses and any kind of attention. She mostly sleeps all night. Sometimes she will take a bottle around 3-4am...and sometimes she wakes up just to say hello but will go back to sleep if we help her out. She takes three naps a day. Sometimes she rocks her naps and sometimes she will wake up after only 30 minutes. I'm not going to stress about it. I'm sure she will sort herself out as she gets older the same way Liam did. She's sleeping in her crib now but we moved the crib to our room. I'm just not ready for Liam and Isabel to share a room...maybe when she's sleeping all night without interruption.  

She has mastered flipping from her back to her tummy and actually quite enjoys tummy time. She's pretty content all the time, I really can't complain. She takes five bottles a day with anywhere between 4-6oz. She's becoming a lot more active these days and loves laughing. Her favorite toy these days is her feet. She spends hours looking at them and bringing them to her mouth. It's adorable.  

Everyone around here just loves her. We're so thankful to God for blessing us with this wonderful girl.  

isabel month 4 web.jpg