Carolina in my mind...

According to my timehop app (seriously I love this thing!) , Alex and I left Miami five years ago to move to North Carolina. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into but it was the start of a great adventure. So to celebrate I'm sharing a little something I wrote about good ol' North Carolina a few weeks ago. 

The first place that Alex and I called home when we got married was North Carolina. We were so excited to see Miami in our rear view mirror as we began the long drive to a little town called Wake Forest. When we arrived we had a cute and modest 2 bedroom apartment waiting for us. Neither one of us had lived on our own before and the fact that we had our very own little space to do with what we wished filled us with joy and excitement. The possibilities were endless in our minds, even though we didn't have much money and were renting from the seminary I was attending. I was so proud of our place. 

We also joined a community of wonderful people from Southeastern Seminary and the Summit Church. We were challenged by these people in so many ways. We learned a lot, grew in our marriage and relationships with God, and learned how to make friends in a completely different culture than the one we grew up in. I still keep up with many of these people and miss them terribly.

There were also trees. So many trees! In the summer they were lush and green, and in the fall the leaves turned into the most beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. It was beautiful to behold. All I had ever known in Miami was 365 days of summer. 

We discovered lakes, farmer's markets, frozen custard, hills, and so much more. It was a wonderful time. 

Of course there were moments, many moments, where I felt lost, alone, homesick, frustrated. I missed my friends and wondered why it was so difficult for me to open up to these new people in our lives. On bitter cold winter days I longed for Miami's sunny 70 degree winter weather. I wondered how my family was doing and wished we could get together for a good ol' BBQ at my mom and dad's house. 

Now we are back in Miami (after spending some time in Denver as well). We really only lived in North Carolina for two and a half years but it is etched in my mind and heart forever. I will always remember it fondly. One day we will be back, if only for a short family vacation. North Carolina is too beautiful and special a place to never go back. 


An impromptu photo shoot we did one summer in NC. Fun times. 

An impromptu photo shoot we did one summer in NC. Fun times.