month five

Our baby girl is five months old now. It really seems to go faster with the second kid. I don't really mind though because it's exciting to see her grow. I love that with each new day she is getting bigger, stronger, smarter. 

Isabel loves spending time on her belly. And she's a pro at rolling all over the floor. She has the most infectious laugh! It's easy to make her smile because she's such a happy baby. She is fascinated with her brother. She's always watching him and trying to grab him. He doesn't mind entertaining her either. I tell him, "Liam, make Nene laugh," and he will get in her face and start laughing, which cracks her up! 

We recently started putting her in the exersaucer. I think she likes it. She enjoys being upright and getting a good view of things. She's also got two teeth now. She's drooling a lot but doesn't seem too bothered by the teething. 

She's taking four bottles a day now with 6-8oz in each one. She takes three naps a day usually around 9:30/1:30/4:30...but it can vary slightly. Bedtime is between 7:30-8:00. And she sleeps all night long, you guys! She will wake up once or twice a night sometimes but goes back to sleep and is up for the day usually by 6:45...though sometimes as early as 6:15 and rarely as late as 7:30. It's nice having a baby who sleeps. 

Last week I mixed up some oatmeal for her but she was not into it at all. I didn't give Liam oatmeal until 5.5 months...and started him on veggies and fruits at 6 months. So we will just wait it out a couple more weeks and try again. A couple weeks make a big difference in a baby's development. 

That's the gist of what's going on with our little lady. She's a doll. Here's her five month photo.

isabel month 5 web.jpg