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I have written SO many blog posts on breastfeeding. When I embarked on the breastfeeding journey with Liam I was clueless. I really knew nothing about breastfeeding and I learned as we went. It was tough, but we persevered...and so I wrote what I learned on the blog in hopes that it would help other nursing mothers out there. All you have to do is search 'breastfeeding' in the side bar and you will find all the posts. 

But when Isabel was born I made the decision to formula feed. I googled formula feeding, since I was again clueless, and came up short. All I could find were forums, blog posts, and articles talking about how awful formula is. So many people equated formula with poison and claimed that formula-feeding mothers were either lazy, ignorant, or both. Give me a freaking break! It made me feel guilty. It made me feel like no matter what formula I chose for my daughter it would do nothing but make her stupid and obese. Well, I'm glad I got over that and I thought I should write this blog post in support of all formula-feeding families.   

First I wanted to find a formula that I felt comfortable giving to my baby girl. I decided to take a look at the organic options. I first tried Earth's Best since it is the most popular. I guess it was fine but it still has corn syrup as one of the main ingredients (although it's not the first ingredient like most other formulas) and Isabel would get really constipated. So I searched some more and even considered making my own formula using goat's milk as a base. But then I found Baby's Only Organic. We use the lactose-free version right now. They don't have corn syrup in their formula but they do use brown rice syrup. We made the switch and she tolerated it really well and hasn't been constipated like she was with Earth's Best. Is brown rice syrup really all that much better than corn syrup? I don't know. I'm not an expert or a nutritionist of any kind, but I feel good about this formula and Isabel has been thriving on it. For us it's the next best thing to breast milk. 

I also want to share that I haven't felt like Isabel and I have had a hard time bonding simply because I'm not breastfeeding her. I think we have bonded really well and I'm so in love with my baby. I find it annoying when lactivists claim that bottle-fed babies don't bond with their mother the same way breastfed babies do. What a load of crap. I've experienced both breastfeeding and bottlefeeding and I have to say that I had a hard time bonding with Liam in the beginning (obviously that's not an issue anymore because we are as close as close can be). I think one of the reasons I found bonding to be difficult was because breastfeeding was SO hard. I would wince in pain every time he latched...and not just for a couple weeks, but for months. I dreaded every feeding. Yes, we got over it, and I'm glad we were able to nurse for so long...but I just didn't want to endure that with Isabel. When she was first born and nursing was a struggle I said, no more, I didn't want to dread every feeding, and I haven't. Every time we snuggle into the sofa and I bring the bottle to her lips we are both so happy.

And through my searching I did finally find some really fantastic and positive blog posts about formula feeding: 

  • I love the Words of Williams blog... Here Kelsey writes about why she quit breastfeeding and here she writes about making the switch to an organic formula. 
  • Here is a short and simple article about organic formulas that I found super helpful. 
  • And I love love love this blog, Fearless Formula Feeder. The emotional support I have received from this blog is amazing. Going from being an exclusively breastfeeding mom to a formula feeding mom was a tough transition for me. I felt "less than" in so many ways, but through this blog I have come to realize that I don't suck as a mom just because I chose to give my daughter formula. 
  • Also, reading this article in the Atlantic really helped me feel zero guilt about no longer breastfeeding. It's kind of a controversial piece but it really resonated with me.  

So there you have it. Are there any questions from parents about formula feeding that I can answer?? I'd love to be a help and support for anyone who has decided to go with formula for their baby. Feel free to leave a comment or message me privately. Just know that you are awesome. You love your baby and you know what it is truly best  for your family. 


My beautiful happy baby.

My beautiful happy baby.