month ten

Isabel is ten months old now and it's remarkable how much she's grown in the last month. She's just so smart and beautiful and amazing...and she's getting into everything!

She pulls herself up to standing all the time. There's no keeping that girl sitting on her bottom. She has started cruising a little bit which is really exciting! She likes to wave every time we say hi and bye. She shakes her head whenever we say no. She mimics everything we do, she even tries to mimic sounds sometimes. This girl is happy all the time. She's constantly laughing and smiling. She loves being around people but can act shy at times. It's the cutest when I'm holding her and we walk up to someone to say hi and she buries her little head in my chest. I just love this girl. She also started crawling finally! She doesn't do it much and isn't very fast but she can definitely do it when she needs to. 

She's eating all different types of food and learned to drink water from a straw cup. She's not too into her formula. She still has four bottles a day but the most she will drink at one time is 5oz. Except for her night time bottle, she will usually have a full 7oz then. 

Speaking of night's not terrible but it's not ideal either. She caught a cold (thanks Liam!) so she was having a hard time breathing at night. That's when I said forget this sleep training stuff. We deal with it as best we can and I know from experience that one day she will sleep just fine. She gets really tired by 7:30 most nights and will be up for the day by 6am (most days a little earlier than that). I would looove to make it 8:30 and 7am though. That's the schedule that Liam is on. Not sure how to get there though! I guess just time. Liam was an early riser as a baby too so maybe she will grow out of it. 

That's basically all that's going on with our baby girl. Hard to believe we will soon be celebrating her first birthday. I'm excited!