falling in love again

Over the past year or so I had really grown tired of the "stay-at-home mom" title. I was desperate for a change and thought maybe I had made a mistake. But I realized something over the past week, since we've moved into our new home, that the problem wasn't with my status as a stay-at-home mom. The problem was that since we were living with my grandmother I really didn't have much to do. Part of being a stay-at-home mom means cleaning, doing the grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, and other household duties. My grandmother has a wonderful servant's heart and would take care of nearly everything. It was great, but then I got bored. And I felt like I had no real purpose. What did I do? I didn't go to a job everyday to make money, but I also didn't do much at home. Sure, I was taking care of my kids, but I can't just watch my kids all day, I need to do other things as well, because kids will drive you crazy! 

Also, I needed to have a little bit more control of my surroundings. My house is not only my home but also my workplace. I need an environment that I enjoy. I need to be able to organize the way I see fit. I need to keep the fridge stocked with food we all enjoy. I need to decorate in a way that I find inspiring but is safe for my kids to explore. I need to be able to cook meals for my family. I need to earn my keep as a stay-at-home mom. 

I feel blessed, SO very blessed, that we were able to live with my grandma. The benefits and perks we experienced were amazing. I'm thankful for everything she has done for us. And now I'm thankful that we're stepping out on our own and I'm finding my groove as a stay-at-home mom. I'm falling in love with the title once again.