5 Ways to Respect Your Man

Lacy over at Living on Love is doing a fun little project which is about living better all year long. For the month of January I have committed to being a better wife. Alex and I have been married for five years now and there have definitely been some rough days. I have a strong and passionate personality, which means I tend to get carried away at times and forget that my husband is a man worthy of my respect at all times. I'm trying to be more mindful of my words and attitude. If you're needing some help in this area here are five ways I've come up with to respect your man. 

  1. Trust him with tasks. You know that "honey do" list you have? All the little projects you need your husband to complete around the house? Tell him about it once and then leave it alone. Don't remind him over and over again and don't tell him how to do it. He's a big boy and he will figure it out. You have to trust him that he will be able to do what needs to be done. If he does not some reminding, try to be sweet about it. 
  2. In public. I am guilty of forgetting where I am and "reprimanding" Alex in front of others. How horribly embarrassing for him...and for me as well. If something occurs while you're out in public wait to address it until you're alone. If it can't wait, pull him aside and tell him without making a spectacle in front of others. 
  3. In private. Don't rip him a new one when you're alone either. Just because no one is around doesn't mean you should go off on him and make him feel small. What you do in private speaks volumes about the person you are. 
  4. When he's not around. You know those women who start talking about what an idiot their husband is all the time when he's not even around? They gripe about him and will give you the intimate details of their arguments. You end up feeling sorry for the husband rather than disliking him. I understand the need to vent. I have a couple girlfriends that I trust and will share our struggles with, but I try to leave out some of the more gnarly details, and I know they will give me sage advice. Besides, I don't want anyone, especially not my friends, thinking negatively about my husband. I want everyone to like him not roll their eyes when he enters the room. 
  5. On the internet. I also dislike it when women go off on rants about their husbands on social media. Hello?! That is not the place. Again, I want people to like my husband, not bash him. If you're going to talk about your significant other on social media, keep it positive. Strangers all over the internet don't need to know about the crappy thing your husband did that morning. 

Ladies, what are some other ways we can show respect to the men in our lives? Dudes, how would you like to be shown some respect? Leave a comment and share with us.