I hate it when I get so busy that I'm neglecting this little space of mine. But just because I'm not updating this blog doesn't mean I'm not writing. Check out the links below to see what I'm writing about elsewhere on the internet. 

- Isabel has been such a doll lately and I do NOT want her to grow up (and become a sassy toddler!). ;-)

- Being a Christian parent ain't easy. Here I'm sharing a few tips on raising kids who know Jesus loves them

- Sometimes bonding with baby can take time, and that's okay. It took me a while with both kids, but now we are all close as can be.

- What do you do with your kid's old toys? Do you donate them? Do your kids help in the process? We've gotten Liam involved and it's been great

- My grandma makes the BEST tres leches everrr. Here is the recipe. You need to try it. 

Enjoy, friends!