the perks of having a second baby

Having a baby is hard. I don't think anyone can prepare you for how much having a baby changes your life. I don't know, maybe it was just me, but I felt utterly unprepared for being a mother to a baby. I was thrown through a loop. And it seems like every new thing that came up, every hiccup in life, made me doubt or question everything. Every whine, tantrum, sleep strike annoyed me to no end and made me feel like life would just suck forever. Let's just say I had a lot of my own tantrums.

Photo by:  Merari Teruel . 

Photo by: Merari Teruel

And then I had a second baby...and my first baby began to grow up and out of the baby-ness. And I realized, "oh my gosh, they really do grow up, it really does go by so fast." And then I stopped worrying as much. I stopped being fixated on all the things that were going "wrong." I stopped being SO annoyed by the whining and tantrums. Don't get me wrong, I still find those things annoying, I just have more patience to endure it because I know it won't last.

And as a result of having a second baby I've been less stressed. I've been able to enjoy the baby stage much more than I did the first time around. I feel like having a second baby kind of redeemed the whole early motherhood thing for me. I'm glad I was able to experience the baby stage a second time - with less stress, less tears, and many more smiles. 

So maybe you had one baby and it was cuh-razy. I know, I've been there. And maybe you're thinking, "There is NO WAY I'm doing THAT again..." I feel you. And it's no one's business how you plan your family. That's between you and your partner. But let me just say, it (probably) won't be as hectic as it was the first time around. After all, you're experienced now. This ain't your first rodeo. Maybe, just maybe, you'll have another baby and you'll be able to enjoy it more the second time around. I did.