Preparing a Family Advent Wreath

I grew up in the Catholic Church and I remember every Advent season the church would bring out a big beautiful Advent wreath with ornate candles. Each Sunday the priest would do a Scripture reading and light a candle. I knew that with each candle that was lit we were that much closer to Christmas. 

I now attend a Baptist church and they don't do the wreath thing. If there's one thing I miss about the Catholic faith it's the traditions (not all of them, but some). There's just something special about traditions. Now that Alex and I have a family of our own we are seeking to make little traditions with our kids. For example, whenever someone has a birthday we always eat special birthday pancakes for breakfast (sprinkles included!). When it comes to Christmas we want to create traditions that will point our kids to Christ. 

I started thinking about Advent and thought about doing an Advent calendar but it just didn't seem all that appealing to me. And then it popped into my head: we should make our very own family Advent wreath. 

I'm not much of a DIY girl but this is the simplest DIY ever. I got some garland from the dollar section at Target, candles (three purple, one pink, and one white) from Amazon, and a cake stand that I already had (find a similar one here). I labeled the candles with the words: hope, faith, joy, love, and Christ - because that's what each candle represents. We are planning on getting together each Sunday in Advent, lighting a candle, and doing a short reading and prayer. My hope and prayer is that this simple tradition will build the anticipation for Christmas and remind our family about the true "reason for the season." 

Does your family celebrate Advent? 

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