Holiday Gift Guide for the Whole Family

Don't you just love this time of year?! I really enjoying giving gifts to people (and getting them too). But sometimes coming up with ideas can be tough. Here's a little gift guide I put together for mama, papa, little man, and little lady. And there's a bunch of discount codes for my readers - so read on, buy cute gifts, and get that discount. 

For Mama

1. The Root Collective flats: These shoes are adorable and comfortable. AND this company is working for a great cause. Read more about them here. Also, they're offering a 25% discount with the code JOYTOTHEWORLD. The code is valid from Friday to Tuesday. Purchase here.  

2. Hustle Sauce t-shirt: These are my favorite shirts! Steph comes up with great designs and the quality is great. My personal favorite is the "Guau" shirt. (By the way, "guau" is the Spanish equivalent of "wow," for those who were wondering.)

3. Foundpiece FL plaque. Being a Florida girl I adore this plaque. I love the colors and geometric shapes. If Florida isn't your state you can choose your own state for a custom design. Also, there are all kinds of rustic pieces in the shop. Check it out. And they are being so generous to offer my readers a 15% discount for any item in the shop with the code GLOWINGLIGHT. The code is good through the end of the year.

4. Let's All Be Brave. I recently finished reading this book from Annie Downs. You guys, I cried. This book touched me and inspired me and challenged me was the best book that I could have read in my life right now. It was a quick read too, which I can appreciate as a busy mom. Purchase here

For Papa

1. Foundpiece Deer Head Silhouette Plaque. This is a manly plaque, guys. Perfect for a man cave or bedroom or maybe even an office. And don't forget, Foundpiece is offering a 15% discount for any item in the shop with the code GLOWINGLIGHT

2. Pure Fix India Bike. When we sold Alex's car he bought this Pure Fix bike to get around. He loves it. It looks good. It's a smooth ride. And the kids love joining him on bike rides in their little trailer

3. Fitbit Wristband. Okay honestly I don't know a lot about the fitbit, but Alex said this would be a good gift for dudes, so I included it. ;-) Apparently it tracks your activity and sleep. So, you know, it's good for health reasons. :-)

4. Hustle Sauce Hoodie. This hoodie is new to the Hustle Sauce collection. It is sooo soft and I like that it has a slim fit. (pssst, it also looks good on the ladies)

For Little Man

1. The Book With No Pictures. We went to the Miami Book Fair last weekend and I purchased this book for the kids. It's written by B.J. Novak and it is hilarious! Liam laughs so much and has been requesting it every night. He calls it "the silly book." It's definitely a good one for the kids.

2. An outdoor playset. Okay, don't tell Liam and Isabel, but they are totally getting an outdoor playset for Christmas! I can't wait. I really want it to be a surprise on Christmas morning, so it'll be  interesting keeping them away from the backyard while it's being built but I'm hopeful we can pull it off. It's important to get kids outside and moving. We have a pretty big yard so this will be a great addition. 

3. Spiderman bike. Liam finally mastered the tricycle so I thought we should move on to a regular bike. I thought about getting one of those balance bikes, but I think this is better for him. Plus, he looooves Spiderman. I think he will be stoked. 

For Little Lady

1. Frozen Little Golden Book. I have always loved the Little Golden Books. I get a feeling of nostalgia when I see them. We have a pretty good collection going of some classic titles. Isabel loves Frozen. It's definitely her favorite movie. One of her first words was "Anna" if that tells you anything. So I think this little book is adorable and perfect.

2. Tres Jolie Bowtique headband. These headbands are handmade and beautiful! Isabel has one and I love it so much. Right now you can peruse the Tres Jolie instagram page and purchase through there - but they're hoping to launch an Etsy shop soon. They will be having a special sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday so keep an eye out for the special sale prices on those days. Also, they are offering my readers an extra 10% discount on top of the sale price. Just tell her I sent you. ;-) You can search for the sales easily on instagram by searching #tjbblackfriday and #tjbcybermonday

3. Play Tea Set. So we have these little espresso cups that Isabel loves to swipe and pretend to drink out of. It's so cute and so terrifying because I really don't want her to break our cups. That's why I think it's a great idea to get her her own tea set. She will love having little tea parties. 

Happy Shopping, friends!

P.S. The winner to our Hustle Sauce giveaway is Victoria Wilson! Thanks to all who entered. We hope to have many more giveaways in the future. Congrats, Victoria!

*this post contains affiliate links.